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This random fact thing has been going around on Instagram lately, but instead of waiting to be tagged I thought I’d go ahead and let you know a few facts about me!

1. I met and married my husband in a span of 9 months. When ya know ya know they say. We’ve been married since 2013 and have a wonderful daughter named Montana

2. I fell off riding bareback one time and got a serious concussion, all I can remember is my horse turning suddenly (ok we were chasing a herd of deer and when the horses found out they were NOT about that), then waking up after a cat scan, and eating a shake or soup (kinda fuzzy on that part) from Perkins on the way home.

- me in front on the left, with the horse I fell off of, good ol Silver 

3. I picked up photography when I was like 15. My mom gave me her Nikon D90 and thats when it started. Looking back its crazy to see how far I’ve come (still a long ways to go), like how the heck did I ever go out, meet, pose, and take money from people?! I’m definitely an introvert, but I love photography so much I can turn on a semi outgoing personality and be an extroverted introvert.

here's a photo form 2008, when I had my mom's D90

4. I was homeschooled. Which makes the outgoing/running your own business thing even more weird to me. But yes, after I finished 1st grade my parents took us three kids out of school and taught us at home, along with our little brother afterwards. My mom is a boss babe. 

Here's us kids, I'm the one in the middle controlling our little brother

6. This one is embarrassing. When I was like 18, I was looking at my feet, and noticed something odd. I think I’m missing a knuckle in a middle toe. TMI? Probably so we’ll end it on that note.

Have a random fact about yourself? I’d love to hear it!

p.s. Here's a photo from one of my very first shoots! 

p.p.s. Thanks mom I stole your photos :) 

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