Yellowstone National Park Session - macyspencerphotography

Adventure session in Yellowstone National Park

These two adventurous souls agreed to run around with me in the freezing cold in Yellowstone National Park. We planned to go to the Boiling river as well, but we ran out of time and it was far too cold! Still going there soon, some other day!

We saw our fair share of Bison, people parked with hazards on (even in winter, come on people), snowmobile trailers, and a few people braving the cold like us, walking and skiing around. Yellowstone is pretty quite in winter, I prefer it that way.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t even say a word to these two on how to pose. Seriously, the easiest, most natural couple I’ve ever shot. Maybe it’s because they just got married and remember what to do and all the poses...but my guess is it’s because they are madly in love and thoroughly enjoy each other. So tips for others...just be yourself and don’t be shy!

Can you tell it’s below zero and quite breezy? Maybe, but what’s clearly more obvious is how much Kyle and Leanna adore one another. I mean just look!  Kyle and Leanna, whenever you feel an itch to model/road trip/freeze your butt off, hit me up! And thank you for putting up with me and being troopers!

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