Possibly the most fun title of a blog post, Cycling Elopement in Glacier National Park. The photos are just as amazing as you’d imagine, but I’d like to share a little of the story of the day. 

The day

It all started at 2:30am. I got up…well I was already up, I didn’t sleep well. I headed over to Haymoon Resort where Tori was getting ready. Tori’s hair and makeup was done by her sister and one of her best friends, her dress buttoned up by her mom. After a first look with her dad we headed to Glacier National Park at 5:20am. 

We arrived at Ryan Meadows as the sky was getting brighter. Sunrise was slated for right after 6am, however there was clouds and rain in the forecast all day. The family who had traveled all this way gathered on the bank of Lake McDonald. Evan’s reaction to  seeing his bride walk down the aisle was such a sweet moment. The dramatic sky and all the tones of blue might not have been the epic sunrise they had in mind, but it was just as beautiful. By 6:30am Tori and Evan were married, that’s pretty cool eh?

The adventure

After their ceremony and family photos, the guests took off to do their own things for the day. The newlyweds shared a little picnic on the beach while they exchanged gifts. Afterward they changed into more appropriate clothing for the miles of cycling ahead. Tori put her dress in trash bag and into her backpack, then we secured her bouquet on there as well. I’m obsessed with how cute she looks all geared up on a bike! The original plan was to go quite further than Trail of the Cedars, but being soaked head to toe they decided that we wouldn’t go further. Plus with the lower clouds the mountains were hardly visible.

We walked the trail, those majestic trees get me every time, then we stuffed her dress into her coat to ride to some other spots on the way back to West Glacier. It felt so crazy that we were done shooting and exploring right at noon, perks of such an early ceremony. I got a little break and went and had a steak and edit a few photos before meeting back up with them. Meanwhile they went back to Haymoon to refresh and dry out, they even gave her dress a little bath. Tori looked as if she hadn’t spent the whole morning riding bikes and getting rained on.

The end

They snuck off into the woods to read private vows, as we all know this is always one of my absolute favorite parts of a wedding day. After that we finished up with a few portraits of them separate and then they spent the evening with their family and friends. I got to hang out with them all, hear all sorts of amazing stories, see how much support they have. There were tears and laughter and I loved every second.

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    Hey we would really love to elope in Glacier!! Hopefully you can let me know good spots!
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