I love shooting in paradise valley, but above all I enjoy shooting intimate Chico Hot Springs weddings. This particular one is my second at this Montana venue with less than 20 people total, and I live for these small gatherings. I get to spend 6 or more hours watching two families come together in such a beautiful way.

I arrived at the cabin where most of the family was hanging out. Meanwhile, Aaron got out Turbo’s suit. Turbo is their bulldog, and they drove him up all the way up from California. He looked dapper in his custom tux! As you can see, Aaron wore a sick muted green suit, I totally dig it! Jasmine finished getting ready and she left her long hair flowing down the back of her dress. Speaking of her dress, wowza. I’m a sucker for lace and sleeves and she was stunning.

the wedding

All 12 guests gathered under the field of dreams gazebo on a sunny November day as I do’s were said. Turbo might’ve tried stealing the show a bit, but trying to take a nap in the aisle sounded like a better plan. As they exchanged rings, Jasmine placed a special custom ring she had made on Aaron’s finger. After reading vows and having a unity ceremony, they kissed, cheered, and promptly popped some bubbly to celebrate.

I love ceremonies and I really love the couples bridal photos. However on this day, my favorite time was dinner. The toasts included funny, touching, and personal stories. Childhood memories came up around the table and the smiles and laughter made my heart happy. Some people want big weddings, and that’s awesome. On the other hand some folks want to elope, just the two of you, and that’s incredible. And some couples want to spend a day with each other and a handful of family that are near and dear to you, and those are some of my favorite “work” days.

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