less than 20 guests • three collections to choose from • albums • travel • online gallery • printing permission



al la carte so you don't have to get more than you want • albums • second photographer • online gallery • printing permission



engagement • anniversary • proposal • just cause • online gallery • printing permission




What is the experience with you?

We get to know each other. I’ll ask questions and learn about your relationship, how you interact…trust me it will translate into your photos. I’ll tell you time and time again that this is YOUR day and you can do whatever you want. There will be opinions coming from all around you but you can count on me to hype up whatever kind of day you want.

I have guides that are close to 100 pages long absolutely filled with info that covers every single aspect of your day. It's a great resource to go back to throughout your planning process. plus I am always here to help with anything from timeline planning to vendor recommendations. I'm just a email/call away.

I document your day. I send sneak peeks within a couple days (sometimes within hours), cull the photos (get rid of blinking + blurry), edit the whole gallery within 8 weeks (usually 6 or less), and send the online gallery. This gallery will have all the high resolution photos where you can download, backup, and print to your hearts content. If you have an album credit we will work together on creating your perfect album with your favorite images.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I live outside Red Lodge Montana, but I drive well over 30k miles a year, traveling all over the state and even over to Wyoming and other states. I spent 6 weeks in Alaska in 2021 and my heart needs to go back, I'm always down to travel. I'm so fortunate to be able to see so many places from Glacier National Park to the Tetons, and I love planning road trips to see even more! My collections include travel for Montana and some surrounding areas like the Tetons, but if you're further away I can send you a custom travel quote. LET'S GO!

Why are small weddings and elopements your focus?

After shooting anything and everything over 5 years, I've really just found my heart lies with more intimate gatherings. It is not that I don't enjoy big weddings, because I do. I've got a soft spot for mother/son dances, first looks, all your family and friends coming together to support you, and let's be real, the epic party at the end. I still shoot big weddings because of those reasons, but I'm very slowly phasing out of shooting big weddings. Niching down has allowed me to focus on helping couples create an intentional, memorable day solely about the two of them. Whether it's just the two of them alone saying their vows, or surrounded by 2-20 of their closest people, it's about nothing but them getting married. Small weddings and elopements deserve the same amount of love and documentation as a big wedding. I'm here to give that to couples who know deep down an intentional intimate day is right for them.

What’s the booking process?

After we mutually decide we are a good fit, I’ll send over a contract + invoice. Both the contract and deposit are required to secure any date. The deposit is 50% of the total package, the remaining balance is due 30 days before your day.

How do you pose?

I work with a mix of completely hands off shooting and guided shooting. So while you’re getting ready, hiking, dancing, ceremony, doing activities like eating or things like that, I’m hands off. I let the moments happen as they should.

When it comes to portraits, I shift to guiding. Guiding isn’t quite “posing.” I don’t place your hand here and his arm there and say smiiile. I give you prompts that will be translated uniquely by you as a couple, therefore resulting in natural poses. I incorporate a ton of movement which also helps you relax.
Saying “act natural” will in fact not result in natural photos. But me saying “hold hands walk away and then wrap her up in a hug” will produce the non-posy posed photos. Also EVERYBODY comes to me saying they are awkward…just trust me and it won’t be!

Looking at a full gallery, you’ll see lots of laughter and smiles, as well as up close and calm romantic photos…and always classic smiling at the camera sprinkled in.

More questions? LOVE IT!

Head to my say hey page and shoot me an email!