Mob wife meets Montana wedding…yes please. These two wanted a two day elopement to have a mix of urban & mountain vibes and to really soak in their elopement experience.

The first day I met them at the courthouse to kick off the day. They were married there and we grabbed a few photos to document the moment. We headed to downtown Bozeman for some drinks at Brigade. They cuddled up on the seating area there and enjoyed a nice martini & old fashioned. Morgans shorter white dress, purse & little bouquet fit the downtown Bozeman vibe. Afterwards we wrapped up day one scooting around the Armory’s halls on a luggage cart and got some more *ahem* steamy photos in the elevator. 

Now for day two, aka the epitome of the mob wife aesthetic wedding day. Morgan was mob wife material before it was even trending, I absolutely loved her vintage fur coat with her name stitched inside. While I could go on about her look, we can’t overlook Ro’s fashion. The black suit & Stetson. The Gucci accents and the Colt Python on the hip absolutely was the move. 

As the slow fell they exchanged more personal vows just between the two of them. The chilled champagne in the snow drift was finally opened in celebration and a cigar was shared. We trekked around in the snow before calling it a day. As I have shown, spreading the elopement over two days really allowed for all of us to take our time, get some candid & editorial photos and make all of the different aspects memorable.

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