Winter in Montana can be slow for a wedding photographer, so when someone inquires about Sage Lodge Montana proposal, you go for it. Justin found me from a TikTok of Kameron Marlowe’s proposal which I was lucky enough to shoot. He said he had some ideas so we hopped on a call and made a plan. They were staying in an Airbnb just down the road, so the plan was for them to get a drink & then have dinner at Sage Lodge.

I got there plenty in advance and waited. I told Justin I’d try to film as well as take photos, so I set up & hid one camera on a tripod. They got drinks there at the fireside grille and he snuck off to text me they were coming out soon. The sun was setting, but there was  a haze so it didn’t get very golden. I watched them walk around til they finally made it to the spot, right between me & Emigrant peak. You don’t need a play by play. He knelt, she said yes, it was great haha. They made their way to me and we spent the next 30 minutes or so taking photos. 

While the sun didn’t give us the most golden light, it sure gave us something. As we walked around, the sky went from flat white to a mix of blue, pink, purple and yellow. It seemed to get better & better as each moment passed, til eventually it was about too dark to shoot. I don’t get to shoot sessions after the sun sets often, so this was fun and beautiful! 

Future plans!

I’m excited to be shooting a wedding here again at Sage Lodge here in August and next summer too! Paradise Valley is hard to beat as far as wedding locations go. It's close to Bozeman and an amazing experience for your guests in so many ways. PS if you want to have your own Sage Lodge Montana proposal or a wedding or shoot here, I'd love to hear from you!

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