So excited for your day, as you're planning I want you to remember this always...

This is YOUR day. You don't HAVE to do anything and you CAN do anything.

Before going any further in the planning process, I need you two to have a conversation. Sit down together and dream up your dream day.

What excites you, what memories do you want to make on your wedding day, what do you want your day to feel like?

Start with answering those questions. Sometimes you'd be surprised that the answers don't fit into a norm, that what you want is something unique to the two of you and not everyone else. This day should be a true representation of the both of you, and you can make it that by first throwing out tradition, expectation, limitations, judgements and anything else that doesn't align with your dream day.

What's next?

ok so you've had that conversation,



Wyoming does not require documentation to officiate, they only need to be "qualified person acting in accordance with the traditions or rites for the solemnization of marriage of any religion, denomination or religious society, may perform the ceremony of marriage in this state." So if you want a friend to do it they can, or if you want to say your vows to each other without being guided, I can sign your license (I can also say "may I be the first to congratulate you" but I do not guide through vows as I'll be takin photos haha.

Michael Leach | Cindy Dahlin | Yellowsone Secular Ceremonies | big list of officiants


One of the cool things about eloping is having the opportunity to maybe splurge on your bouquet! I absolutely love bouquets, gives your hands something to hold, brings in some color, and completes the bridal look. The jagged peaks mixed with soft flowers?!?! YES PLEASE!

Historia | Briar Rose | Plush Floral | Flowers by Chloe |.

hair and makeup

Definitely treat yo self! Getting pampered before heading to the mountains is a good way to just soak in the morning/time before ceremony and take it slow. Get a mimosa for yourself and get dolled up. Your man can also go get pampered!

HMU by Tanya | Meraki Artistry | Ashley Drew | Athena Beauty | Whiskey Barber |

other vendors

other vendors you might want!

Satin N Sage planning |

marriage license

Plan ahead for this. Plan to have time before your elopement day to go pick up y our license. There is stuff you need to bring to obtain it and things you need to do before going in. So make sure to be prepared by visiting the Teton County website on the matter. Here is the link!


Jackson Hole Photographer
Teton engagement session

wildlife /sightseeing tour - do your research on company

get a hat or

teton pendleton blanket!

where to eat

saddle bar stools are epic

There's some great food in Jackson! I haven't tried them all so do your own research! Mainly I stick to the Cowboy for whiskey, The Local for steak, and Persephone for coffee. But here's some links to all the hot spots!

they have a grill too


diamond cross ranch wedding photographer
Amangani wedding photographer

look into VRBO and hotels in Jackson, teton village, and victor area for more options!