what you need to know

Hey there, I’m so exciting you’re looking through my work and are here looking for information! I’d like to take this time to let you know right up front I’m not for everyone. If you’re looking for a photographer who puts you in poses and gives you the typical smile at the camera shots, we probably aren’t the best fit. If you’re looking for the cheapest deal you can find, you won’t value what I offer. If you’re not looking for an adventuring outdoor mountain loving real moment documenting soul, I’m not your photographer. And that’s OK. You deserve to have the exact photographer you need and there is a photographer for everyone. But I’m more than just a wedding vendor.

I’m here to photograph more than the Pinterest wedding shot list, more than the bouquet and dress, more than smiling at the camera photos. I’m here to deliver one of the only things that lasts beyond the wedding day, the memories. The photos that will help you remember the start of your life adventure together.

Do you love traveling together? Sweet, come to MT and get married on a mountain top. Do you love hiking together? Well, let’s pick a trail and you can hike in your dress! Pitch a tent and say your vows as the sun comes up type of couple? Sign me up.  Are you more of an Airbnb backyard wedding with your closest people with a beautiful dinner? What an amazing experience for everyone!

Guess what? Just because most people get married a certain way doesn’t mean you have to. Fun fact, you can do WHATEVER you want on your wedding day. Isn’t that awesome? It’s not about decor, garter tosses, open bars or anything other than you getting married.

I want to find out who you are as a couple. How you interact with each other and find those little things that make you you.  I’d love to tell your story with all the laughs, tears, quietness, and connection…ya know, the real stuff. You here for that stuff too? The first time he sees you, pulling out your handwritten vows on a wrinkled piece of paper, hair flowing in the wind, sharing a first dance surrounded by the trees and your family? Because I’m 100% here for that.

If you live for all things outdoors, adventure, and doing things in the way that feels right to you even if it’s not “normal”…we’ll probably be best friends. And if you’ve read this far and feel something exciting in your soul thinking about what your day could look like, fill out my contact form below and tell me everything, I can’t wait to hear from you!


elopements start at $2500

intimate weddings start at $3000

sessions start at $500

limited large weddings start at $4200

If everything I wrote speaks to you, you feel a connection to my work, and you want to see if we are a perfect fit, come say hey below and let’s chat!