Why do I offer albums?


Seriously, there’s nothing like having your images printed. I know digital is the rage these days, and I love my digital photos (my hard drives hate me). But please please don’t let your gorgeous images float around in the cloud, all lonely and abandoned.

When you look at your parents and grand parents wedding photos, are they on a flash drive? Probably not.

When family comes over do you all huddle around a computer to reminisce? My family doesn’t.

On your anniversary do you plan on going to the shelf, pulling down a hard drive, hooking it up to your laptop and clicking through your wedding photos? You could.

Or you could have an album. An album that has your family photos, your first look, your ceremony and favorite bridal portraits in a customized layout. An album with your favorite images printed on thick, smooth, matte pages. Your wedding memories inside a 10”x10” Premium Black leather cover. It’s something you can set on your coffee table during the holidays for family and friends to obsess over. Something waiting on your shelf to look through when times get rough. Something you can hand down to your children, and something your children can cherish with their children.

I hope that convinces you to invest in an album. A high quality, fully customized, leather album. For you and your family. #existinphotos





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