Beartooth Mountains Elopement – a styled shoot.

First of all, mountain elopements are one of my favorite things. I love shooting them, I love looking at them, I love talking to couples about them. There’s nothing quite like venturing out at higher elevations with your love to say your vows and get married. Just a few people and the vastness of mountains. Montana has many places that are perfect to elope at. Glacier National Park elopements, Big Sky elopements, Beartooth mountains elopements, and wherever else your heart desires.

I grew up 30 minutes from the Beartooths, therefore I grew up hiking, hunting, horse riding, and camping in them. In addition to living here I’ve shot many weddings in the foothills of the Beartooths, but not a real elopement yet. Living here for over 20 years has allowed me to learn the area, as a result I have a whole list of stunning places in mind if anyone wanted to elope here! This styled elopement is at one of my most favorite places. Only accessible a few months out of the year, views in every direction, a hellish road. I look forward to trips up here every year. In summer Indian Paintbrush cover the mountainsides, and that was the start of my whole vision. I based everything off the hope that we would be in prime Indian paintbrush season, and it was.

I reached out to the best vendors around Billings area. We got together the best team and the vision continued as everyone brought their ideas. I spent several days making the table with my dad, weeks gathering all the things and finally we loaded everything up and headed to the mountains. I picked up Melissa and Sam, and we started the long rough trek up to set up.

the details

Ashton’s stunning hair and eye color seemed to be fate with the Indian paintbrush and blue mountains. Sammy created the most beautiful cake that made it all the way to the top of the mountain. It was a wild cake that tied in the blue and earth tones. Meanwhile, Melissa picked wildflowers around the area and created a wildflower bouquet that is certainly more than I could have hoped for. We also found a Pendleton blanket during the planning that matched everything and brought in a western element. There’s so many details that came together perfectly for this shoot, I feel blessed that vendors saw my vision and helped bring it all to life.

My favorite things from this styled Beartooth Mountains Elopement:

  • The thick velvet runner flowing in the wind.
  • Custom plates made just for this shoot
  • Eating cake
  • Two types of candle holders
  • Jade making a dope video (watch it at the top of the page!)
  • Showing off our Beartooths.
  • honey moonshine keeping us warm

To sum up, if you’ve ever considered eloping in Montana, consider heading south to get married among the tallest peaks in the state, I know all the good spots for your Beartooth mountains elopement and would LOVE to help plan an unforgettable experience with you! Plus, I have a big list of Montana wedding vendors to help execute your vision!


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