Grand Teton elopement in fall

I’m pretty sure a grand Teton elopement is on 99% of elopement photographers bucket lists for locations. Those tall majestic peaks cut straight down into flat land, it’s truly breathtaking. Add a couple madly in love and boom, a dream come true. 

Abigail and Tommy planned their fall elopement for quite a while, and you can tell with how perfect everything was. Elopements deserve just as much planning and energy as a large wedding. It just looks different. Instead of spending hours on a guest list, you spend hours picking a perfect location for your ceremony. Instead of picking a venue you find a vrbo or Airbnb. It’s so fun to document elopements and see the different priorities of couples.

When I arrived to their vrbo, it was cloudy and rain was looming, making the fall colors pop. Everyone had smiles as they got ready to head into the park for the ceremony. Abby had the coolest details, including a hat and turquoise ring, and a bouquet she put together herself. Her dress alone was quite the story. It’s stunning in every way and the name of the design is Tommy. Fitting right? 

As we made our way to the one, the clouds were covering many of the peaks, including the ones in the background where they would say their vows. But as everyone parked the clouds lifted, and the sun started shining. Oh and there was a bull moose so basically all the good signs. There next to the water they held their ceremony with their family. 

We adventured around for the most epic photos I’ve probably ever taken, the Tetons are truly something else. The clouds rolled back in and we wrapped it up as the rain started. I loved Abigails hat, it fit in so well with the western flair, and Tommy’s bolo is the coolest one I’ve seen. They met everyone back at the lodge, where they all shared a strimp boil and cake, and a little dancing to Johnny Cash’s “Jackson.”

Photography – Macy Spencer Photography | Film – Shey Allen Films | Dress – Tommy

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