I’m more of a steak & whiskey valentines date kinda gal myself, but this downtown Valentine’s Day photoshoot sure was cute! 

I had this shoot idea a couple weeks ago, quickly put it in my instagram stories and found a local couple willing to model for me! Romantic, spicy, urban, & fun were my goals.

I looked around Bozeman for a good spot, and found this red wall I thought was fun for the holiday. We shot there for a bit, played with some flash & then headed downtown. 

We pulled up a table on the sidewalk and I had a box of things with me. I brought two croissants from Wild Crumb, drinks, and I wrapped up some cherries which I thought was so cute. It was giving Parisian aesthetic, Europe aesthetic, and a hint of mob wife with the vintage fur & black outfits. I don’t know what you’d call it but that’s what I get anyway. 

It was fun shooting something a little different than what I normally shoot, felt like a breath of fresh air during these Montana winter months. I had fun being a little more creative in the details and putting this together. It’s not screaming Valentine’s Day at you, but it definitely nods to it with the tulips, cherries, and all the red details. 

Would you ever have a downtown Valentine’s Day photoshoot? Would love to do more stylized shoots, shoot me an email if you've got a good ideas! 💌

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