Did I have you at western boho Teton elopement? Ya, I thought so. We all know I’m a huge Grand Teton National Park fan AND a huge elopement fan, so this day was a 2021 highlight.

Western Boho Teton elopement

I arrived at Frankie + Leah’s vrbo in Jackson Hole early in the morning, they had their details in a pile so I took photos of that while they got ready. Their family was there as well, it was a cool feeling knowing in just a couple short hours they’d all they’d all be standing there watching Leah and Frankie get married. After they were dressed and had a first look, both hopped in with me and we headed into the park.

It was the most moody, dramatic, amazing weather for a Teton elopement. The clouds were low and it sure gave a feeling. Couples choose the Tetons for those incredible peaks, however I’ve never had a sad couple when they aren’t visible. Fall in the Tetons is absolutely mind-blowing, some of my all time favorite fall colored photos came from this day.

We roamed around getting photos in several locations, and headed to that glorious barn for their vows. GOSH dang I’m forever obsessing over these photos. The golden grass with Frankie’s light blue jeans had their best moment, I’m all about those contrasting colors. Speaking of attire, can we all take a moment for that dress? Ugh the texture and movement, my two favorite things about a wedding dress and her hat is *chefs kiss*. Just when I thought the moment couldn’t be better, Leah reached up to wipe his tears and I internally screamed. I also externally screamed when I zoomed in while editing and realized his tear landed on her forearm and you can see it in the photo. Every single tear photo I’ve taken will always be my favorites.

Finally we met the family at Schwabacher’s Landing for their ceremony. They said yes with family closely gathered around at one of my favorite spots in the Tetons. We finished family photos as it started to rain, so we drove back to the vrbo for a catered meal.

Here for all the Teton elopements!

I’m incredibly blessed to have documented this western boho Teton elopement, so excited to do it again this year! If you’re thinking of eloping in Grand Teton National Park, check out this post I made! 


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