You can find stunning backdrops for photos everywhere, but in my opinion, the Tetons are hard to beat.

I get to photograph many Teton weddings and elopements, but I absolutely love a stunning Teton engagement session and also just for fun couples sessions there too. Less stress, go with the flow, good lighting, and we just have a good time together exploring the park. Almost any time of year is a good time to be in Jackson Hole, but summer really is special.

You can pick all sorts of beautiful spots to shoot at all around the park. For this session we went to several spots during this shoot to get diverse backdrops as the sun lowered. They had a couple outfit changes which is always a good way to get more variety too. The more casual & skirt outfit really are a vibe, the blues and whites along with the surroundings really made their faces stand out.

Sunrise in the Tetons is a must on your visit, but the sunsets cannot be beat. Easily my favorite time to shoot in the area as the sun sneaks behind the peaks. Warm light, golden fields, green sagebrush & trees and those blue jagged mountains are a recipe for perfection. We ended the session at the Mormon Row barns, which adds a little historic & rustic vibe.

If you are planning on visiting the Tetons and doing asession while you're there has crossed your mind...DO IT. It's truly stunning and you'll want to remember your time here for all the years to come. If you happened to be engaged or maybe if you're thinking about proposing to your SO while you're here, a Teton engagement session is as good as it gets.

I am in Jackson Hole area usually one or two times a month these days, I'd love to document your time there! Feel free to message me and hopefully we can work together! Contact me 🙂

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