These two picked the most magical date for their Grand Teton winter elopement, 11/11. Cloud cover joined us for the first part of the day as we hiked to Taggart lake. After we got to the lake, they changed out of hiking attire into wedding attire. They stepped out of the woods onto the bank, the lake covered with ice and snow. Reading their vows to each other, kissing each others hand (I died how sweet) and a ring exchange, they got married. Just the two of them (and me) and the mountains as witnesses. Champagne sip to celebrate and a hike down warmed us all again. 

They had a sign saying “Just married” on Eli’s backpack, her bouquet tied to hers. We peeked back several times while we hiked down, the clouds lifting further and further every time. By the time we were at the trailhead we could see the peaks peeking out of the clouds. After that we headed to a vantage point further away and enjoyed the most magical sunset. The blue mountains with some golden light certainly made for the most amazing winter photos. We got a few shots at the Moulton barns afterward as that last bit of sun on the mountains faded away. 

in summary

Simple, intentional, and adventurous is how I’d descrive the day. Elise and Eli wanted to just spend the day together and get married. No guests, no reception, no extras made it simple.  The location made it intentional as the Tetons was the place of one of their first trips together. The adventuring part clearly was the 3 mile hike in 20 degree weather. I’d say it was a perfect balance of everything they wanted. 

I can’t describe how much I love shooting elopements in the Teton area. I grab breakfast and a coffee at Persephone, enjoy the short drive to the mountains, and no matter the weather or cloud cover it’s absolutely incredible. All seasons are special there of course, but this Grand Teton winter elopement sure gives me all the feels.

 Want to elope?

If you want more info on how to elope in the Tetons I have a whole blog post about it here!

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